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Best Learning Society A Global Initiative for HumanismWe are living in a world that is complex and challenging. Forces of globalization have created an interlinked and interdependent world. No country exists in isolation; it is continuously being influenced by external developments.

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Ashok Jain

Aims and Objectives

To improve the standards of educations of rural/semiurban/urban areas.

To advance, promate and disseminate spirit of faithfulness, simplicity, nationalism, mutual cooperation, self confidence and development of personality.

To open the good institutions in the rural/semi urban area meant for the students of all laval with all possible facilities.

To establish and manage various kind of educational, cultural, social, religious, vocational and training institutions to introduce and develop professional courses, to promote the study of different language, to set up Adult Education Centers, art, music songs and drama centers.

To encourage, to establish the preparation of documentaries divisons

To organize/partcipate in the trade fairs.

To open chapters of the Educational Instutution as per the need.

To promote moral education, scientific education and make students intelligent, useful and loyal citizen of India.

To improve the sportsman spirit in the rural/urban students.

To open vocational training centers like cutting, tailoring, NTT, Technical, Education, Computer Education etc. leading to employment generation.

To encourage, undertake the research work in the field of education.

To shape the future of young minds.

To promote the ethical conduct by the students keeping in view the impact of sweeping changes in social, technological, political and legal systems.

To devise ways and means to improve the quality of those who pass out from schools, colleges and professional institutions by way of counseling and allied ways.

To devise ways and means for advancement of knowledge of the student sand to discharge the duties as a friend, guide and genuine well – wisher.

To shape knowledge with the students and transforms them in to good human beings and good citizens.

To devise ways and means to take care of physical, spiritual and intellectual needs of the students to reach them many disciplines and develop ample skills to make them employable.

To devise ways and means to enhance the character building and personality development of the students and to put earnest efforts to help the students exploit their full potential for seeking their goal.

To devise ways and means to develop personality of the students by restoring their faith in moral and to strengthen the student – teacher bond.

To realize these goals making of feature films, telefilms, documentaries, DVDs, CDs and other promotional literature.

To carry out the screening of feature films, telefilms, documentaries, DVDs, CDs in India and other countries to propagate moral/educational ideals.

To carry out various activities to promote these Aims and Objectives.For achieving above objectives the society may proposes to have following subsidiaries.


Best Learning Society

Ashok Jain President

125, Maharani Jhansi Marg,
Ambala Cantt - 133001 (Haryana)
Phone: 0171 2602343, 2601343, 2604111
Cell: 09416000066


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