Humanity is our race and love is our religion

Humanity is not only showing passion and empathy to each other at times of need but also about regarding love in high esteem and kindness in all walks of life.

Today’s world, when we look at it in a social point of view, is full of greed, commotion, distress and distrust.

Besides more civilized and learning about the intricacies of human race and development, we are mired by the new wave of modernization and outcomes of transformation due to technology innovations and cultural incursions. As a result, we are preoccupied with our television, mobile phones, computers etc. spending less time with fellow humans and Mother Nature. We keep humanity in high regard in principle but have no time to give it a meaning in our own life. 

Gandhiji always held the service and love to humanity in high regard and in his own words, “ I am endeavouring to see God through service of humanity; for I know that God is neither in heaven, nor down below, but in everyone.”

The service to humanity results in oneness. When peace, love and harmony becomes the main cause of every kind of service rendered to the nation and its people, it becomes the service to God. Let us join together in its pursuit.