Career Guidance & Development

Every parent has a dream that their children after getting best possible education, should either get a very good job or adopt self employed career. The parents put their utmost efforts & sacrifice in this endeavour.
The Teachers are the most important role in the entire educational system. They put their best efforts to help students for their academic achievements and eventually for their bright future and good life.
It is often seen that the required help to the students to manage their career is missing. How the students should be able to identify the career of their interest and choice? How they identify the avenues of Jobs, self employment etc.? enabling them to achieve the ultimate goal of their life – which is the main reason of their entire education.
Since 1995 our NGO “Best Learning Society” is guiding & helping the students to achieve this aim with excellent results. We start our guidance process right from Class VI students because Career Guidance is a Marathon, not a Sprint. Our entire services are totally gratis for all.